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Facebook Series 1.5 | It's just not something you see everyday---which is what an Artist is.

I just think you're really really special, you know. It's just not something you see everyday--which is what an Artist is. It's something that is new and fresh and it makes you and everybody stops and stare. That's who you are. That's what you are. It's a yes for me. -Jennifer Lopez on Phillip Phillip's American Idol Audition 2012

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ISA | International Secret Agents 2011 LA CONCERT

The ISA concert was on October 1st, 2011---a week after my birthday so I thought it was a perfect gift to myself. Of course, I need a partner and brought my sister a ticket. It was actually a crazy day because we spent the morning Whale Watching at NewPort Beach, leaving our home at 7 AM and getting there around 9:00 AM. Anyway, the concert had some superrrr-dupperrr ups and some minor down side.

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