Hello, My name is Pa Chia. 

I am a contemporary artist in graphic design and photography.

Pachiaaa is an expression. It is my real name, "Pa Chia" elongated when someone calls for my attention. 

Since late 2011, Pachiaaa is an umbrella of all my artistic creations. As a working graphic designer and photographer, it’s difficult to find free time to design without any restraint. Pachiaaa allows me to focus on projects I want to devote my time into and create freely. 

At age 14, I discovered Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop was a power house of everything I was interested in. I quickly taught myself skills from online tutorials and immersed myself into creating digital artworks in small online forums. I created web banners for fan fiction stories and mini posters for online romantic comedy authors. It was a beautiful beginning to my graphic design and photography career. 

Throughout the years of my continued education, my love for digital art blossomed.

At age 18, I moved to Los Angeles, California to study graphic design in the entertainment industry at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Upon graduation in 2010 and completing an internship at an LA-based garment company, I soon discovered the fashion world. Thus, my ideas, inspirations, and concepts involve graphic prints on fashion bodies, fashion photography, photo retouching, with the main emphasis on beauty. Currently, I am working on my photography business: Pa Chia Xiong Photography, where I photographs contemporary portraits. 


Aside from design projects, I spend my time by collaborating with other artists, reading romance novels of all eras, traveling around the world, and enjoying loads of food. 

In my home studio, there are either acrylic paint on the floor, watercolor nearby, photography lights up and/or Photoshop open. With everything I have learned, I have decided to sell some of my treasures in hopes that you adore them as much as I do.

Here at Pachiaaa, I am here to share a little bit about my world. I am able to combine my love for romantic ideas, and my colorful Hmong culture at different chapters of my life.  

Welcome to my studio!


Pa Chia Xiong

Owner of Pachiaaa

Photo Courtesy of Xue Xiong

‘Pachiaaa’ is an umbrella of all my artistic creations.
— pachia xiong