a photography update


Beauty has a lot to do with character.

-Kevyn Aucoin

 Finally, a retouched image!

Pa Kou and I took a photoshoot long time ago but I never took the time to edit any. Well, only two. Yesterday night, I really wanted to retouch something and landed on this image. I'll post the before and after shoots in a bit but thought I'll post this first.

Process of Photoshoot: We had two shoots in one day. First shoot was around 9:oo am and second was at 12:oopm. Both shoots were successful. I shot with a Nikon D90 from my work place and used my two 180 watts studio lights. Our purpose was to get new images to showcase our latest creations. I merely wanted skin to retouch while Pa Kou wanted a new face to apply make up on. This all ended around 2 pm.

Editing Process: I had the urged one day to research about Photo Retouchers and landed on Gry Garness Retouching book. http://www.grygarness.com/