ISA | International Secret Agents 2011 LA CONCERT


I was thrilled when I saw ISA Concert coming to LA!

It was actually Long Beach, CA but close enough!

The ISA concert was on October 1st, 2011---a week after my birthday so I thought it was a perfect gift to myself. Of course, I need a partner and brought my sister a ticket. It was actually a crazy day because we spent the morning Whale Watching at NewPort Beach, leaving our home at 7 AM and getting there around 9:00 AM. Anyway, the concert had some superrrr-dupperrr ups and some minor down side.

Let me explain:

The show  opened at 1:00 PM with lines BACKED ALL THE WAY UP to the Queen Mary's ship. It was like 400 of me standing to enter. The show was in the Harry Bridges Memorial Park, near the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. The patch of land was rather isolated perfectly, for the audience to face the stage and surround water. It was odd because once we neared the entry, the line was actually divided into two awkward lines. One for the guys and two for the gals? I ended up following my sister and cutting the ladies because people don't know where they were heading.Yay, for me.

I forgot to mention that the weather was HOT, HOT, HOT and water was not free. Unless, I didn't look hard enough. Not only was it hot and waterless, the lines for food was crazyyyyy. I believe the food trucks had deformed lines and ran out of food by the hottest hour: 4:30 PM.

To add to that, there was only one giant tree protecting 500+ people.

Regardless, I believe the Shaved Ice truck received a lot of money. I really wanted one but it was double the deformed lines of other trucks.

Now, forgetting all the downside, the show alone was phenomenal!

Finally, it started roughly around 3:00-4:30 PM with young performers. It was rather rough because the mega screens weren't properly working.

However, I adored the hosts: KevJumba, Ryan Higa and Cathy Nguyen. All YouTube sensations!!! They were all very funny and helped moved along the show smoothly.

The line up was pretty much awesome. They were acts I actually wanted so see and if I didn't know who they were, I end up watching them anyway because there was a reason they were recruited for the show.

The line up in order:

2:40p Blush 3:03p afterschoolspecial 3:21p New Heights 3:41p Clara C 3:59p Tim DeLaGhetto 4:12p IAMME Crew 4:30p B.o.B. 5:00-5:30p INTERMISSION 5:42p Dumbfoundead 6:07p AJ Rafael 6:32p David Choi 7:04p Wong Fu Productions 7:31p Jay Park 8:09p Far East Movement 8:59p Sean Kingston



Pretty awesome line up, huh?

Yup, I thought so.

The highlight for me was Far East Movement. I have always wanted to see them perform and finallyyyyyyyy I found the opportunity! They are truly awesome LIVE with great stage energy popping every so often was great beats! I was jamming all night with their performances! I loved it!

On to my images now:

Far East Movement
Far East Movement

More to come...