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Hmong Southeast Puav Pheej - Hmong New Year 2016-2017

Dear North Carolina. 

Thank you. 


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Pachiaaa's Free Print Giveaway!

In celebration of my NEW graphic tee release, I am having a free print giveaway! Enter to win a FREE original colored copy of my “Innocence of Hmong Beauty” print! You have 5 days left! Giveaway ends April 9th, 2015 at 12:00 AM.

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Innocence of Hmong Beauty Graphic Tee is coming soon!

Happy April 2015! This year has been going so fast! It's already SPRING, can you believe it?!!

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Where has the time gone?

Hello! January 2015 is officially gone which means the New Year is really here! 

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Welcome to the Underworld Novel Series by Con Template

When it comes to reading, I get pretty particular about my authors and get obsess with the collections of books the author may have written and have stored up in their shelves!

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Nab Vam - Mini Recipe Cookbook

My first project is a FREE GIFT for YOU!


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April Loves Black Coffee by T.B Solangel (Book Cover Design)

Hello! What have I been up to? I’ve been designing and painting! Two thousand and fourteen has started off very strong and motivating. What I have here today is a book cover I designed and polished for one of my favorite independent author, T.B. Solangel

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Deactivation Of Facebook Series

Happy New Year to all of you! It’s been a week and two days since 2012 and things have been changing all for the better for me. I celebrated the end of 2011 in Wisconsin and Minnesota with my friends and families and then came back to Los Angeles in New Year’s Day. On my way back on the airplane, I felt something lift off my shoulders. I was very stuck to my life back in Wisconsin—family and friends-- that I didn’t give up that life cycle to simply live my life in Los Angeles. That particular emotion held me from doing what I love: Designing.

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